9 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites in 2021

9 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites in 2021

Anime is a Japanese-themed cartoon that comes with an amazing storyline and sophisticated characters. This is the main reason why people of all age groups love Aimes so much.

However, downloading anime is a complicated task. And that is the reason why most people are looking for online sites to watch anime. There are many portals and smartphone apps to stream anime online and download it in high quality.

Anime is very popular in Japan, but also popular among teenagers and adults. With its stunning art style, people love to watch it over and over again. With several masterpiece anime series like Deth note, attack on titan, etc., anime quickly became popular. Today we are going to take a look at some great anime sites to watch anime online for free!

List of the Best Free Anime Sites to Watch Anime Online in 2021

Downloading anime can be restricted in many countries, but streaming is completely free and 100% legal. However, you can also use a VPN to unblock sites. Let’s move on to the main point that there are some good websites for streaming anime online for free.

1.) Kissanime


When it comes to watching Anime online, Kissanime is always the first choice for most people. Kissanime lets you watch high-quality anime videos in both English subtitles and dubbed versions. You can find a large collection of old and new anime series. Videos are organized by category, which makes it easy for you to find them.

The best part is that you can watch all these videos for free. Since you get so much for free, you should be prepared for annoying ads on the playback screen.

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2.) Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is undoubtedly another great platform to watch anime videos. It also provides manga and a forum for viewers to discuss their favorites, along with a large collection of interesting videos. Moreover, the site is completely legal and doesn’t even have a membership plan.

So, that means everything is provided to you for free. However, the only downside is that the video is 480p video quality, and there are three commercial breaks in each episode, which is really annoying.

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3.) Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is the third pickup on our list and another great website that has tons of video content for you. This site gets regular updates and contains all the new anime currently showing in Japan.

This site is completely legal and based on your viewing habits. Therefore, you get some video recommendations. It also has a separate section where you can share your thoughts on various anime characters.

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4.) Funimation

Many anime lovers already know this site because it has popular sites under its subsidiaries such as FunimationNow, Funimation UK, Madman Anime Group, Wakanim, and Crunchyroll. It offers users an elegant looking interface and new releases of anime shows and series.

It is popular because many people from East Asia like to watch dubbed anime, so it is the best source for streaming dubbed anime shows and series. It attracts about 20 million visitors per month, mainly from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

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5.) AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is an impressive website to watch anime online. We chose to mention him on this list because of his daily updates regarding the latest anime and manga events. Apart from that, a website looks similar to any blog because it contains a lot of information.

It also contains a dedicated chat section for the community. However, the many ads and small tags are definitely quite annoying.

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6.) Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is one of the best free online anime streaming platforms. This site contains almost all Anime series and also provides high-quality content. English subtitles are also available for international viewers. The best part of this site is that there are no ads in the middle of the content, and the video loading speed is faster than other platforms.

In addition, the video content is well organized with the right title, making it easier to search. Video content is uploaded by users logged into Chia-Anime and other websites linked to it.

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7.) 9Anime

The first thing you’ll notice when you log into 9Anime is its sleek and attractive interface. That makes the fact quite clear that it is indeed a place to watch anime online for free.

Complementing the sleek interface is a comprehensive website navigation system. You can easily find your favorite anime with the help of quick filters. All titles are also categorized alphabetically, making the process easier.

It doesn’t take a while for a new release to be uploaded on the platform. You’ll find the latest episodes on anime sites, right after they air in Japan. The only problem we found with this site was slow loading times.

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8.) Gogoanime

GOGO ANIME is another free anime website that offers a fantastic anime viewing experience for those on a budget. The platform is sleek to look at, and even more comfortable to navigate. It is home to almost every new and old anime property known to anime fans.

The latest anime releases soon find their way onto this platform without any delay. Anime titles are easily arranged alphabetically, year and month of release, and popularity. You will soon know which anime is trending and why.

Gogoanime although free does not attack its users with annoying adware. The only issue we had was slow loading times, which can be resolved if your network is a little faster.

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9.) AnimeDao

AnimeDao is another free anime streaming platform that emphasizes on creating an online anime fan community by offering easy access to free and latest anime content on a regular basis. It’s easy to navigate, has a fairly clean interface, and has loading speeds that aren’t typical of such free sites.

Anime titles are also organized efficiently to avoid confusion in finding your title. You can find the dubbed and subbed versions of the anime here.

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From Editor’s Desk

Finally, we can say that we can choose one of the best top rated anime streaming sites which is in full working condition. But for most users, some sites don’t work due to region restrictions. To solve this, you need to get a VPN service to access some anime sites.

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